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Urs WenkUrs WenkHi! My name is Urs Wenk, a native of Switzerland, a qualified and experienced teacher for African drumming, drum circle facilitator and entertainer for interactive shows.
I started drumming in the early 90's and teaching classes in 1997. My involvement with drumming and rhythm related activities continued after my move to Ireland in 2002 where I largely contributed to bringing drumming on a professional level into the curriculum of schools and health care settings in Co. Kerry but also the whole of Munster and nationwide.
After having done hundreds and hundreds (probably thousands...) of workshops, classes, drum circles and shows all over Ireland my enthusiasm is still unbroken, more so even bigger than ever as for me the meeting, playing and interaction with people is the most important aspect of my work, and this changes each session depending on dynamics and other various factors.
My experience of working with people of all possible backgrounds, ages and abilities that I gained over the past 20 years enables me to tune into the needs of each particular group that seeks to bring rhythm, play and interaction into their curriculum. Also, having collaborated with other professional facilitators, teachers, dancers and musicians all along have helped me to gain a lot of insight about various ways of working with people in this field.